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Christian, husband, homeschool dad, and former military officer providing strategic legal guidance and expert criminal defense to military, federal law enforcement, and other patriots. My passion for justice and compassion for people is based on the belief that all of us are created in the image of God and endowed by our creator with inalienable rights. I am on the frontlines of the battle to defeat tyranny and preserve freedom. No King but Christ!


In-Depth case evaluation

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    The Uniform Code of Military Justice

    Worldwide UCMJ Military Defense

    Fighting Criminal Charges if You Are on Active Duty. The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) is a complex set of laws and regulations. A conviction for a UCMJ violation can put you in prison and ruin your future. If you’re accused of a UCMJ violation while on active duty, you must contact the right lawyer.

    Military Religious Freedom & Religious

    Military personnel in the U.S. have a legal right to seek religious accommodation. The process includes seeking the advice and the insights of their commander, medical provider, chaplain, and sometimes an attorney. Military religious freedom attorney R. Davis Younts will protect your right to seek...

    Military Medical Professional Defense

    Being a medical professional can be difficult and incredibly rewarding at the same time. While providing medical aid and saving people’s lives can be meaningful and valuable, there are incredibly high standards to practice medicine effectively. These standards are even more vital in the military. Strict protocols are in place...

    UCMJ Corrections and Discharge

    When someone leaves the military without an Honorable Discharge, that veteran’s job prospects are reduced, he or she receives no education benefits, and some veterans receive no benefits at all. However, these veterans are not without options. Correcting anyone’s military records...

    UCMJ Drug Crimes (Article 112a)

    Using, possessing, or selling illegal drugs can mean serious legal trouble if you are on active duty. Just one joint of marijuana is enough to ruin your future. If you are charged with a drug crime in a military court, you must be represented by military defense attorney R. Davis Younts.

    UCMJ Sexual Assault (Article 120)

    The Pentagon has spent millions on sexual assault and rape prevention, but there is little for you if you are the target of a false rape or sexual assault allegation. If you’re on active duty and you are accused of rape or sexual assault, contact military defense attorney R. Davis Younts at once.

    Military defense Attorney

    We are a law firm that recognizes that every case is part of our client’s story, not just our story. I as a JAG officer, R. Davis Younts served as a prosecutor, a military defense attorney, a command legal advisor, and a senior legal advisor to deployed commanders and general officers. He has served as the Chief of the Military Justice Division at the Air Force JAG School. R. Davis Younts is the recipient of an Air Force Meritorious Service Medal and an Air Force Commendation Medal, and he was ranked as the number one Senior Defense Counsel in the Air Force.

    R. Davis Younts combines the skills of an award-winning trial attorney with his experience as a military officer to provide a thoughtful and strategic defense to active duty service members accused of crimes. If you are charged with violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice, or if you need a discharge upgrade or need to have your military record corrected, reach out to military defense attorney R. Davis Younts – without delay.


    I met Mr. Younts at Travis AFB in 2019. He was very professional and passionate about his job. Through very hard work and diligence, he masterfully defended my rights and sought true justice. It was a work of art and you had to be there to see it. Mr. Younts is attentive, eager, dogged, and well versed in his craft. There were things he had prepared for that I had no idea he knew about. If you are need of a lawyer, I would definitely recommend Mr. Younts. Remember you life, your career, and your reputation are on the line. He brings not only previous military law, but civilian law as well. Because of his training and expertise this make him marketable. Don’t just take my word for it ask other clients as well. If you would like to or need to please reach out and I’ll tell you all about Mr. Younts and why you should strongly consider his services. God Bless and good luck!
    Lemoyne, PA
    Our families and I want to thank you for everything you have done to save [our son] from a possible life sentence. Please continue what you are doing and fight for our service members. We thank you so much and we are forever grateful for what you did for [our son].
    Lemoyne, PA
    Davis is a first class attorney and individual. My father in law found himself in some trouble and charged with a felony. Davis took the time to explain in great detail the entire process and what we should expect. He over delivered in our case and was able to have the charge downgraded to a misdemeanor. I would highly recommend Davis for all your legal needs! Thanks again for all your help! Our family greatly appreciates you!
    Lemoyne, PA
    Excellent attorney. Very thorough and caring. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is attentive and listens to everything you have to say. He has help me on other issues as well.
    Lemoyne, PA
    Mr. Younts represented me in a military case. His expertise in military law proved to be invaluable. I had a military lawyer appointed to me and also chose to retain Mr. Younts. I never regretted my decision to request his services. He was professional and quick in the courtroom to argue on my behalf. He is very articulate and his knowledge of trial matters are far beyond what any "appointed" attorney would ever be able to provide. He saved my career and I am forever indebted. I highly recommend his services!
    Lemoyne, PA
    I always wondered how an attorney could represent a "criminal." After working with this attorney, I completely understand. He is so intelligent and caring. He achieves the best results for his clients as possible. I have been so impressed and amazed by the depth of knowledge. He embraces federal, state and military clients and does not judge, but challenges and achieves results that are fair. I had the gracious opportunity to work alongside him in the final stages of Corey Walker's release from prison. Corey came and had a sit down with us in the days following his release, along with his sister. I will never forget the conversations that day.
    Lemoyne, PA
    We hired Criminal Defense Attorney R. Davis Younts to represent my son for a military upgrade around the middle of February. Good representation is not always easy to find. However, Mr. Younts has proven us wrong. I have read a lot of reviews, and talked with quite a few lawyers through the years, and none compare to Attorney Younts. The first day we talked, I was impressed with his enthusiasm, humility, and sincerity. He has a huge heart for people, their problems, and our judicial system. My son and our family have been through so much heart ache, and disappointment from months of a long drawn out case of fabricated evidence. Attorney Younts has given some much needed hope. Not only for my son’s upgrade, but also for the way other cases are handled as well. Anytime we call, text, or email Mr. Younts, we get an immediate or timely response.
    Lemoyne, PA

    R. Davis Younts, Esq.

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    In-Depth case evaluation

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